Let the show begin…

Well here we go…

A very nice theatre…

Opening video feels a lot like a mac ad. It’s quite cute. Of course it’s not people edited into movies which is always fun, but its kinda neat to hear what people have to say.

So you failed to win an oscar 8 times?
No I failed 7 times, but this will be my eighth.

That made me laugh.

Okay now I’m starting to get a little bored with this…

Eddie Murphy really is funny doing that.

Pan’s Labyrinth theme… love that theme.

That’s an assload of people. 177 to be exact. Maybe I’ll be there one day. Marty better get that statuette he diserves.

And here comes Ellen.

Ugly ass suit. Even for her.

Nice to see Jack wearing his usual sunglasses.

Lets see if she stands up to Mr. Crystal.

Aim lower.

That was cute.

Most international Oscars ever.

You’re telling me! Too bad most of those films were awful!

I think I see a few American’s out there… mostly the seat fillers. No one fills seats like America.

So far the monologue isn’t all that impressive.

Little Abigail. Would be cool if she won. She won’t though.

Christ, Peter O’Toole looks old! Of course… he is old.

Crowd went crazy for Al Gore. Who knew? Of course any shots at Bush are okay in my books.

If there weren’t black, jews, and gay’s there would be no Oscars… or anyone named Oscar.

Her best joke yet.

Now she’s doing a rather lame song and dance number. Is it sad that so far I think even Whoopi is better!


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